OTT C31 Current Meter

C31 Universal Current Meter is designed for flow metering in combination with hand-held wading rods or cable suspended from a bridge or boat.
Different accessories like sounding weights (middle pieces), sounding reels (winches), cable ways etc. allow the setup of a complete flow monitoring station.

The OTT Universal Current Meter C31 is used for measurement of water velocity:
  • Universal application on different fixing devices, as rod-mounted current meter or as suspended version with single-drum winch in combination with a bridge jib/measurement trolley or with double-drum winch in combination with a cable-way installationh
  • Calibration and cyclical control of flow velocity and discharge measuring equipments
  • Efficiency tests of power station turbines (cross brace)


  • Cost reduction owing to low maintenance requirements and simple, inexpensive handling
  • The robust construction and high-quality materials allow operation even under difficult conditions with high accuracy
  • Low starting speed due to robust ball bearings
  • Reinforced meter spindle


  • Flow velocity from 0.025 m/s to 10 m/s
  • Current meter reed relay contact 1 pulse/revolution lifetime > 1 million contacts switches
  • Operating voltage range max. 9V DC
  • Magnetic switch pressure-tight up to 30bar
  • Material - meter body brass - gal Ni 8mt
  • Material - propellor gal Ni 12 high gloss alternative -plastic - Hostaform C , yellow
  • Size dia. x length up to tip of propeller ø35 x 310mm
  • Weight w/o propellor 1.26 kg

The rotation rate of the precisely calibrated propeller is proportional to water velocity. The velocity is determined by counting the number of propeller revolutions over a pre-selected time period with a counter unit.

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OTT C31 Universal Current Meter Brochure

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