OTT ADC Acoustic Digital Current Meter

The OTT ADC (Portable Acoustic Digital Current Meter) is designed for point velocity measurements in natural streams, rivers, creeks and open channels.
Using the latest acoustic measuring principles and combined with a high end signal processor the instrument provides accurate and reliable data.

The instrument is equipped with a built-in pressure sensor that provides automatic depth readings for the determination of both individual vertical depths and prompting the user to set the correct sensor position.

The instrument easily attaches to different types of wading rods and features an automatic discharge computation based on the internationally recognized ISO and USGS standards.


  • Automatic discharge calculation based on international standards (EN ISO 748, USGS standards)
  • OTT QReview software with open data export interface via ASCII and XML (e.g. to BIBER and SoftwareQ)
  • Built in pressure sensor for automatic measurement of sensor immersion and vertical depth
  • Variable sensor to display cable lengths (2,5 / 6 or 10 m)
  • Power supplied from a rechargeable battery pack providing more than 20 hours user operation

Examples of use

The OTT ADC is designed for point velocity measurements in

  • natural streams
  • rivers
  • creeks
  • open channels
  • irrigation channels and canals
  • at weirs and flumes

The following internationally recognized measurement methods are used in the OTT ADC

  • 2 point KREPS
  • Ice, single and two points
  • Mulitpoints

Designed for the use on wading rods and relocation devices the OTT ADC combines the traditional workflow of section by section method with state-of-the-art technology for real time measurements.

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OTT ADC Brochure

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