OTT Nautilus Current Meter

The Nautilus C 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor is designed for the portable measurement of very low flow velocities from 0.000 m/s up to 2.5 m/s (standard - other ranges upon request).
Nautilus is the ideal help for site conditions where the conventional current meters can no longer be used e.g. in plant loaded or contaminated water, marginal zones of river banks, shallow water, low velocities, etc. ...

The velocity in m/s is directly indicated on the clear display of the portable SENSA Z 300 Velocity Indicator.

Nautilus is also designed for long-term measurements e.g. in combination with a notebook/PC via RS232 interface to record flow diagrams.

  • Measurement of lowest velocities as from 0.000 m/s. and in shallow water as from 3 cm depth.
  • No moving parts, thus wear-resistant and maintenance-free.
  • Extremely robust and impact proof sensor. punkt.GIF
  • Direct velocity readout in m/s. (0...60 s.).
  • Independent of any parameters, such as temperature, suspended sediment concentration salinity.
  • Averaging intervals programmable.

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OTT Nautilus Brochure

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