STIL Gauging Logger (Glogger)

Due to parts obsolescence, we are unable to manufacture any new Gauging Loggers. Support and repair services for existing units will continue for the forseeable future.

The STIL Gauging Logger, a combination of current meter counter and logger, has been designed to reduce the time required to carry out stream gaugings, while also improving the quality and reliability of data. It has a large number of unique features, not available in other loggers, with application for a wide range of sites, meters and users.


  • Reduces time taken to carry out stream gaugings
  • Avoids double handling and data transfer errors
  • Provides instant calculations of flow and discharge during the gauging process
  • Works with most current meters, including wiping contact
  • Stores multiple readings from many sites

During stream gaugings the logger counts pulses over time from the current meter and calculates velocity from user set calibration factors. This value is then logged for each position in the stream, together with the reading coordinates. On completion of the gauging, data is downloaded to computer (using the support software supplied) and stream flow details are displayed in both graphical and tabular format for checking.

Support Software

  • Easy configuration, including meter ratings
  • Extracts gaugings from the logger and saves them to file(s)
  • Existing gauging files can be edited
  • Gaugings not retrieved from the logger can be calculated
  • Recalculates the gauging, including detailed sounding processing and wet and dry line corrections
  • Presents the full gauging in text and graphics


STIL Gauging Logger Software & Manual ....... free to download

ALL FIVE of the files below are required to be saved in the same folder for the software to work correctly, just click on each seperate file below to download.


Please note that the software available for download below is V3.16, which is to be used with Gauging Loggers that have firmware V2.12 loaded onto them. If you have any queries in regards to this please Contact Us.

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STIL Gauging Logger - Quick Start Manual (.pdf)

File Size 439KB   Filename stil_gauging_logger_quick_start.pdf   Download

STIL gLog Software v3.16

File Size 827KB   Filename v3.16_glog.exe   Download