Water Samplers

Discrete, Composite, Stationary and Portable Samplers

Campbell now offer a range of water samplers for a range of applications including trade waste and storm water sampling. Originally branded Sirco samplers, these units use external vacuum pumps to draw water through intake tubing, instead of the traditional peristaltic pumps that induce flow by squeezing flexible tubing. Advantages of the vacuum pump method include faster sampling rates, better vertical lifts, longer sampling distances, and less maintenance. Because the vacuum method disturbs the water samples less, they better represent the original water solution, especially if the solution has high concentrations of suspended solids.

Samples can be triggered via a pulse input (e.g., rain gage), a 4 to 20 mA signal (e.g. flow meter), or on a timed basis. The samplers can also be interfaced with any Campbell Scientific datalogger.

Stationary Samplers also available

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