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Trust Tower met masts for wind energy assessment have been in development since mid 2005.
They are climbable and provide the ability to maintain equipment and therefore reduce information gaps in a monitoring programme. Damaged instrumentation can be replaced at any time, weather permitting. The recommended maximum wind speed for climbing the mast is 13m/s.

Trust Tower's original designs have now been superseded by the Standard Designs below. The new designs are much improved with lower weights, lower anchor loads and excellent ice loading capability. We can now offer a choice between masts either locally fabricated or fabricated in Asia. In addition we now have a choice of guy systems; either kevlar or galvanised wire. Stainless steel guys are also available for those who particularly want a metal, long life guy system, with similar specifications to the galv wire option.

The masts have the following features:

* Fully compliant to the wind loading standard AS/NZ 1170. Design wind speeds up to 79m/s for the 69m mast.
* Masts can be climbed for repairs in winds up to 13m/s and with live load of 240kg. (Ladder required for bottom 3m section.)
* Design life of 5 years for installation in very harsh locations OR assessed for 20 year life at a proposed location.
* Guy options are: Kevlar, galv wire and SS wire.
* Low cost galvanised guy systems available for wind monitoring programmes. Guy life is nominally 18 months in highly corosive environments.
* Suitable for being relocated any number of times.
* Kevlar Guying systems are suitable for 20 years operation, with minor maintenance required.
* Ice ratings twice that available on most tilt-up designs available.
* Masts ideal for long term wind farm reference duty.
* Producer statements can be provided for suitable locations.
* Masts installed only by helicopter or Tenergy's erection mechanism which will be available Q2 2008, or by crane.
* New Zealand Patent Application No. 555764 now applies to Tenergy's mast erection mechanism.



The redesign of the Trust Tower met masts has been undertaken to improve ice loading capability, reduce mast cost and lower foundation costs over the original Heavy Duty designs. The current range includes 69m, 60m , 51m, 39m and 30m masts with kevlar and galvanised wire options. These have excellent ice loading capability which generally exceeds by twice the ice loading capability of any tilt up design currently available. The bolted flange has been improved by reducing the size and wind loading and building in features for the next version of Tenergy's mast erecting mechanism. The 81m mast design is now complete (April 2008) kevlar guy option only. The basic specs of the masts are as follows;


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