ADR 1000 Plus

The Peek ADR-1000 Plus provides ease of use and optimal functionality as a portable counter / classifier.

Optional internal sensor modules allow the ADR-1000 Plus to monitor inputs using loops, piezos or contact closures. A removable PCMCIA memory card is also available to further extend storage capability. With preprogrammed quick setup features, field personnel need only press one or two keys to select recording operation. The type, configuration and format of data to be collected can be custom programmed or selected from menu driven choices. The ADR's four tube input means that dual carriageways can be quickly classified lane by lane, whilst four self tuning loop detectors can be connected to either permanent or temporary loops for two lane classification.

  • Portable traffic counter/classifier
  • 2 Mb onboard memory - increased storage capacity
  • PCMCIA memory option - for additional storage
  • Quick set up, easy to use
  • Solar power option
  • Water-barrier airswitches
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Battery 'sentinel'


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ADR1000 Plus Brochure

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