Apogee Silicon Cell Pyranometers

SP-110, SP-212, SP-214, SP-215, SP-230, SP-420, SP-421, SP-422

For measurement of total solar irradiance

The Pyranometer Sensor is calibrated to measure the shortwave radiation reaching the Earth's surface, measured in Joules m-2 s-1 or Watts m-2.

Apogee's unique self-cleaning dome-shaped head prevents water accumulation. The sensor head is potted solid to prevent internal condensation in humid environments.

In addition to the standard SP-110 pyranometer, there are also 2 models available with amplified outputs up to 2.5 or 5V.

Specifications - SP-110

  • Cosine response: 45° zenith angle ± 1%
                             75° zenith angle ± 5%
  • Absolute accuracy ± 5%; Uniformity ± 3%; Repeatability ± 1%
  • Output: Responsivity 0.200 mV per W m-2; In full sunlight 220 mV (1,100 W m-2)
  • Sensitivity: Custom calibrated to exactly 5.00 W m-2 per mV
  • Input power: None, self-powered
  • Operating environment: - 40 to 55 °C; 0 to 100% relative humidity. Designed for continuous outdoor use. Can be submerged under water (with or without mounting screw).
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum with acrylic lens
  • Cable: 3 m of shielded, twisted-pair wire with Santoprene casing, ending in pigtail leads. Additional cable available.
  • Dimensions: 2.4 cm diameter, 2.75 cm high; Mass 70 g (with 3 m lead wire)
  • Warranty: 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship


Alternate configurations - Amplified, Serial, Logging and Heated models

  • Cosine response: as above
  • Absolute accuracy: as above
  SP-212 SP-215 SP-214 SP-230 (heated) SP-420 (logging)
SP-421 SP-422
Output: 0-2.5V 0-5V 4-20mA 0-350mV USB SDI-12 ModBus
Input Power: 2.5-5.5V 5-5.5V 5-36V 12V 5V (via USB) 4.5-24V  
Current Draw: 300uA 300uA 2-22mA 15mA 2.1mA (logging)

1.3mA (active),

0.6mA (quiescent)

(Call for details)


Pyranometer Meters - MP-100 & MP-200

For portable monitoring, Apogee now have two meters for measuring solar irradiance. MP-100 includes and integral sensor, while MP-200 has a seperate sensor on cable.



Leveling Bases

The AL-100 is required for sensors on cable.

The AL-210 is used for mounting meters with integral sensor.

AL-100 Solar Sensor Leveling Plate
Carry Case The AA-100 carry case is an optional accessory for protecting meters in the field AA-100 Front
Mounting Brackets

The AM-110 fits the AL-100 leveling base and can be mounted directly to a mast or pipe with an outer diameter of 33-53 mm.

The AM-001 is designed to fit to the back of a meter for mounting a sensor on cable.

AM-110 Solar Sensor Mounting Bracket
Sensor Wands

The AM-310 is for placing sensors in difficult to access places, such as underwater or under canopy.

The AM-320 is a salt water version.

AM-310 Sensor Wand








About the manufacturer

Apogee manufacture a specialised range of sensors for biophysical studies including light sensors, oxygen and surface temperature (IR) sensors.

All Apogee products are covered by an industry-leading four-year warranty against failure due to defects in materials and workmanship.



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Pyranometer meter specifications

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Pyranometer sensor specifications

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