SaltTestr 11


  • Swtiching between °C and °F is now a breeze with the simple press of a button. Direct temperature readout on the tester saves you the trouble of an additional thermometer.
  • Large Display Screen - Displays mode, ATC and battery level.
  • User-Replaceable Sensor - Replace the sensors yourself. Sensor element is of SS316 stainless steel and superior chemical durability of the VALOX sensor casing gives you years of trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance.
  • Waterproof, Anti-roll Design - IP67-rated waterproof housing keeps tester waterproof even under wet conditions. Unique anti-roll ribbed design ensures firm grip.


  • General: For use in water and wastewater treatment, boiler blow-down, electroplating rinse tanks, drinking water, hydroponics, printing industry, aquaculture, aquariums, fish farms, swimming pools and spas.


  • Range: 0 to 10.00 ppt
  • Resolution: 0.10 ppt
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of Full Scale
  • ATC: Yes (0 to 50 °C)
  • Calibration Point: 1 point
  • Temperature Coefficient: 2% per °C
  • Normalization Temperature: 25.0 °C
  • Auto Off: 8.5 minutes after last key pressed
  • Non-Volatile Memory: Yes
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
  • Power Battery: 4 x 1.5V 'A 76' micro Alkaline Batteries
  • Battery Life: More than 150 hours
  • Dimension / Weight:
    • Tester : 16.5 x 3.8cm ; 90g
    • Boxed : 22 x 6 x 5 cm ; 170g

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