Vector A101M Anemometer

A photo electronic anemometer in which a multi-slotted disc turns with the rotor spindle and interrupts the infra-red light beam in an Opto-Schmitt switch integrated circuit.

Output pulses may be used to obtain a direct reading in metres per second on any standard electronic counter/timer. Robust, all weather construction using corrosion resistant materials throughout. Precision ball-race mounted with protection against the moisture droplets and dust. The 3 cup rotor (type R30) is attached by means of a patented gravity-sensitive fastener which will not release unless the anemometer is inverted.


  • Max. windspeed: Over 75m/s (=170mph, = 150 Knots)
  • Threshold: 0.15m/s.
  • Non-linearity: 0.7% (10-55m/s speed range).
  • Accuracy: 1% full range output (10-55m/s range) relative to typical cal. curve data provided.
  • Distance constant: 5m (R30 rotor).
  • Calibration: 10Hz per m/s +2% (10 pulses per metre, closer tolerances to order).
  • Resolution: 10cm. Rotor calibration data is provided based on NPL standard calibrated rotor at fixed speed (.:1%) .
  • Temp. range: -40 to +70°C (operating). -55 to +70°C (storage).


  • Weight: 310g total. 30g rotor.
  • Fixing: ¼ BSW/UNC screw into base. 6° taper fitting (type 128-1) also available. Photo shows 405 single mount adaptor for 1" dia. mast top .
  • Materials: Anodised aluminium alloy, stainless steel and weather resisting plastics.


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Vector A101M Anemometer Brochure

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