Seba KLL Electric Dip Meters

Robust, accurate and simple-to-use dip meters from Seba Hydrometrie.

Storage Boxes for Meters

Available in two sizes

The SEBA-Electric Contact Meter type KLL is a portable, reliable instrument for measuring water level and total depth in boreholes. To take a measurement the sensor is lowered to the water level. When it reaches water, a light is illuminated. On request, an additional acoustic signal can be installed. The water depth is shown on the cable in metres and centimetres. If the total depth is also desired, an additional

ground sensor (see accessories) is available. When this sensor touches the bottom, the light switches off. The standard sensor diamter is 14mm abd for small diameter boreholes, there is a sensor with 10 mm diameter (not suitable for ground-sensor and sensor-cap).Models are also available to also measure temperature (KLL-T).



  • Cable: Polyethylene with 2 steel cores (anticorrosive), metres & dm in red, cm in black
  • Probe: standard version: made of corrosion resisting material, 14mm dia., 175mm long with build-in electrode
  • Special version: 10mm dia., 320mm long
  • Cable drum: plastic,impact and temperature resistant
  • Power supply: 6V DC, 4 Baby Cells each 1,5V
  • Accuracy: < 1cm with cable length 100m
  • Supporting frame: aluminium, formed parts, surface coated
  • Lenghths: 15m-500m

Contact Meters Brochure

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