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  • Meteorological and hydrological data collection
  • Scientific research
  • Traffic and people counting
  • Structural and geotechnical monitoring
  • Data telemetry
  • Industrial monitoring and control
  • Consent Compliance


We recognise that different users have different requirements but that everyone wants data they can trust. Whether you want a single sensor or a complete system, we can help you work out the best technology for your application. Please contact us to talk about your requirements.


CR1000X Datalogger

From Campbell Scientific, the CR1000 logger has been beefed up. It has new communications options, integral microSD and runs like a demon. Check out the specs today.


Extreme Precision Pressure Transducers

The Digiquartz transducers from Paroscientific offer parts per billion resolution for applications from disaster monitoring to aerospace engineering. They can sense deep oceanic landslides to predict tsunamis and other geological and weather events from hundreds of kilometres away.


Low cost net radiometer from Apogee

With comparable accuracy to other net radiometers, the Apogee SN-500 comes in at a much more affordable price. SDI-12 output for all 4 components.