Onset - HOBO Dataloggers

Onset manufacture miniature, battery-powered data loggers with over 80 different models for all environments, ranging from indoor to outdoor and underwater applications.

HOBO Indoor Dataloggers

Applications in: Building & energy management temperature,Processing, storage and transportation of food, produce and pharmaceuticals, Museums, archives and galleries

HOBO Outdoor Dataloggers

Applications for:Rainfall monitoring,Orchard Temperature Monitoring,Ecological Studies,Livestock monitoring

HOBO Underwater Dataloggers

Applications in:Ecological studie,Stream / ocean temperature monitoring and mapping,Water level in bore holes and streams, Aquaculture

HOBO Software, Base Stations & Shuttles

Windows/Mac Software and Shuttles to retrieve data

Tom Matheson, left, and Nelson City Council's Paul Sheldon with the temperature monitoring equipment Mr Matheson found washed up on a beach at Monaco and returned to the NCC by tracking the serial number with the manufacturer. Photo: MARTIN DE RUYTER/FAIRFAX NZ

In the news

We occasionally get asked to identify the owners of lost HOBO loggers by people who come across them washed up in strange places. We can track serial number records and reunite these with their owners. This article, Beachcomber helps out NCC was published in the Nelson Mail 27 Dec 2011

Since 1981, Onset has been exclusively dedicated to the design and manufacture of miniature, battery-powered data loggers. Located in Bourne, Massachusetts. Onset data loggers are exceptional quality and value, ranging from indoor to outdoor and underwater applications. Popular models are the U20 water level logger, UTBI Tidbit temperature logger and UX100 indoor temp/RH loggers with display, as well as a wide range of other specialised products. Newest product lines include the UX120 high resolution loggers for measuring thermocouples or other analogue inputs and the MX range of blue-tooth loggers.