HOBO Indoor Dataloggers

Applications in: Building & energy management temperature,Processing, storage and transportation of food, produce and pharmaceuticals, Museums, archives and galleries

HOBO UX100 Temp/RH Dataloggers

The HOBO UX100 Series is Onset's next-generation family of data loggers for tracking temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments.

HOBO UX120 4-Channel Datalogger

The HOBO UX120-006M Analogue Logger is a high-performance, LCD display data logger for a range of indoor monitoring applications.

HOBO Energy Logger System

Formerly called the HOBO FlexSmart Logger. The HOBO Energy Logger is a modular, reconfigurable data logging system for energy and industrial monitoring applications.

HOBO UX Thermocouple Dataloggers

For measurements covering wide temperature ranges, there are two HOBO loggers with thermocouple inputs

HOBO MX1101 Bluetooth Temp/RH Logger

Measures and transmits temperature and relative humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Smart technology.

HOBO MX100 Bluetooth Temperature Logger

Onset's HOBO MX100 is a low-cost, splash-proof data logger that measures and transmits temperature data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

HOBO MX1102A Bluetooth CO2 Datalogger

Measuring CO2 from 0 - 5,000 parts per million (ppm) the MX1102A allows you to access data right from your mobile phone or tablet. Note: The model MX1102A is the replacement for the MX1102 with an improved operating range for CO2 measurement.

HOBO UX90 Series Data Loggers

The industry's lowest cost "time-of-use" data logger. Models for measuring motor on/off status, electronic pulses, state changes, occupancy and light use patterns.

Hobo U14 Temp/RH Logger w/ alarm output

The HOBO U14 LCD Temperature/Relative Humidity (RH) Data Logger has a display and built-in relay for use with a remote alarm or autodialer to assure timely notification of alarm conditions.

HOBO ZW Wireless Sensor Networks

A family of wireless data nodes that provide centralised monitoring of energy and environmental conditions in a building.

HOBO UX120 4-Channel Pulse Logger

A versatile logger for measuring up to 4 pulse inputs. Suitable for use with a range of energy monitoring sensors.

HOBO U12 Datalogger Family

The HOBO U12 Family data loggers offer combined measurement of temperature, humidity, lux and a range of external sensors

Choosing a temperature data logger

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