HOBO UX Thermocouple Dataloggers

For measurements covering wide temperature ranges, there are two HOBO loggers with thermocouple inputs

Designed for indoor environments, these loggers can take inputs from J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N type thermocouple sensors (sold separately). Using HOBOware®, you can easily configure the logger alarm to trip for specific high or low temperatures. Or, you can set up burst logging in which the logger records data at a different interval during certain conditions. The logger can also calculate minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation statistics. This compact data logger has a built-in LCD screen to monitor temperature, logging status, battery use, and memory consumption in between readouts

The UX100-014M has one input channel

The UX120-014M has four input channels

Optional NEMA 4X case available


Type Range Accuracy Resolution
J -210° to 760°C ±0.6°C ± thermocouple probe accuracy 0.03°C
K -260° to 1,370°C ±0.7°C ± thermocouple probe accuracy 0.04°C
T -5-260° to 400°C ±0.6°C ± thermocouple probe accuracy 0.02°C 
E -260° to 950°C ±0.6°C ± thermocouple probe accuracy 0.03°C 
R -50° to 1,550°C ±2.2°C ± thermocouple probe accuracy 0.08°C 
S -50° to 1,720°C ±2.2°C ± thermocouple probe accuracy 0.08°C 
B 550° to 1,820°C ±2.5°C ± thermocouple probe accuracy 0.1°C 
N -260° to 1,300°C ±1.0°C ± thermocouple probe accuracy 0.06°C











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UX100 indoor loggers

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UX120 Thermocouple logger

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