Campbell Scientific - Research Grade Measurement Systems

Campbell Scientific are the world leaders for rugged research grade data acquisition systems. Their dataloggers are at the heart of hundreds of our most rugged, reliable monitoring systems in New Zealand. Made in Utah, USA, they are used extensively for all types of applications in research, weather stations, environmental monitoring, industry, horticulture and forestry. Used worldwide in research and industry Campbell Scientific dataloggers are renowned for their flexibility, precision measurements and dependability.

Campbell Scientific Dataloggers

Multi-channel, versatile loggers built for rugged environmental and industrial monitoring.

Campbell Scientific Weather & Environmental Monitoring Stations


Campbell Scientific Software

Software to support their range of datalogggers.

Campbell Scientific Communications Devices

Direct connect, telephone, radio, ethernet, Wi-fi and satellite communications. IP-based cell phone telemetry is also supported using third party modems (please enquire).

Campbell Scientific Peripherals

Multiplexers, Relay Drivers, Pulse Port Expansion, Serial Inputs and more

Visibility, LIDAR & Present Weather Sensors

For road, aviation and marine applications

Lightning Warning Systems

The CS110 Electric Field Sensor measures the vertical component of the atmospheric electric field at the earth's surface.

Heat, Vapour, and CO2 Flux

Gas analysers and sonic anemometers. Systems for eddy covariance research.

Vibrating Wire Measurement

Spectrum analysers and peripherals for accurate measurement of vibrating wire sensors.

Introduction to Data Acquisition Systems

Please take a moment to download this tutorial and take a look, and certainly make sure you recommend it to new customers who may be unfamiliar with the datalogger world. I think you'll find this provides a good introduction that can be viewed fairly quickly
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Campbell Scientific