Campbell Scientific Communications Devices

Direct connect, telephone, radio, ethernet, Wi-fi and satellite communications. IP-based cell phone telemetry is also supported using third party modems (please enquire).

Direct Connection & Displays

Options for connecting to the datalogger while on-site. A serial cable (10873) is required for a direct connection between a computer and CR200-series, CR800, CR850, CR1000 and CR3000 dataloggers. For computers without a serial port, a USB to serial converter will also be required. A direct USB connection is available with the CR6, CR300-series and CR1000X dataloggers. This is included with your datalogger purchase or available seperately.

NL241 Wi-fi Network Link

The NL241 provides Wi-Fi connectivity to dataloggers and peripheral devices over standard 802.11b/g/n networks.

NL116 & NL121 Ethernet Interface

The NL116 & NL121 are ethernet interface devices that can be plugged into the peripheral port on the CR1000 and CR3000 dataloggers. The NL116 also includes a CompactFlash module.

NL201 Network Link Interface

The NL201 Network Link Interface is a serial to ethernet communication peripheral that connects to any Campbell datalogger via the RS232 or CSI/O port.

RF411A 922 MHz Spread Spectrum Radio

The RF411A spread spectrum transceiver has an operating frequency range of 920 to 928 MHz, which is allocated to New Zealand.

RF412 922 MHz Spread-Spectrum Radio

The RF412 is a high-speed 900 MHz serial radio designed for unlicensed operation in Australia and New Zealand.

RF451 High Power Spread Spectrum Radio

A spread spectrum radio that provides a solution for wireless network communications over distances of up to 85 kilometres.

COM220 Land Line Phone Modem

The COM220 modem enables communications between a computer and a Campbell datalogger via a public switched telephone network.

MD485 Multidrop Interface for RS485

The MD485 is an intelligent RS-485 interface that permits a PC to address and communicate with one or more dataloggers over a line distance of up to 4000 ft.

ST-21 Argos Satellite Transmitter

The ST-21 is a Service Argos-certified Platform Transmitter Terminal (PTT ) that transfers data from the datalogger site to the Argos Data Collection and Location System via NOAA polar orbiting satellites.

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