RF451 High Power Spread Spectrum Radio

A spread spectrum radio that provides a solution for wireless network communications over distances of up to 85 kilometres.

The RF451 consists of a radio module manufactured by FreeWave Technologies and a Campbell Scientific interface board. It is a spread spectrum radio that provides a solution for wireless network communications over distances up to 85 kilometres. The radio's transmission distance is ideal for point-to-multipoint networks. In point-to-multipoint networks, data is collected from one or more datalogger(s) and then transmitted to a central site. The central site typically contains a PC running LoggerNet software, but may contain a datalogger, instead. Spread spectrum radios spread the normally narrowband information signal over a relatively wide band of frequencies. This process makes communications more immune to noise and interference from RF sources such as pagers, cellular phones, and multi-path. User-selectable frequency hopping patterns reduce the radios' susceptibility to RF interference from other spread spectrum devices.

Benefits and Features

  • Individual radio license not required
  • Maximum transmission distance of 60 miles, and realistic reliable transmission distance of approximately 13 miles
  • Low current drain
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High data transfer speeds
  • High noise immunity-superior performance in noise congested environments
  • Error Free Communications-32 bit Cyclical Redundancy Checking (CRC) with automatic retransmission
  • Ability to have stand-alone RF router/repeaters (up to 8 repeaters)
  • Real time remote diagnostics and setup, transparent to network communications


Frequency: 902 to 928 MHz
Transmit Power Output: 10 to 1000 mW (software-selectable)
Receiver Sensitivity: -103 dBm at 153.6 kbps 
-108 dBm at 115.2 kbps 
Channel Capacity: 50 to 111 (user-selectable)
RF Data Rate: 115.2 or 153.6 kbps (selectable speeds)
Antenna Connector: Reverse Polarity SMA (RPSMA) jack
Input Connectors: RS232 9 pin D female, CS I/O
Power: 7 to 28 Vdc
Average Current Drain @ 12VDC:

Transmit 650 mA

Receive 40 mA

Idle 15 mA

Sleep 6 mA


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