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There are a wide range of telemetry options within New Zealand for retrieving data from, and communicating with weather stations and other dataloggers. We are able to select different communication systems depending on terrain, location and coverage. We do not favour any one network, but select the most suitable option. Our equipment and expertise enable us to use combinations of telemetry to gain cost advantages and solve problems.


Cellular IP Modem (Vodafone or Telecom)

This is one of the most popular options for retrieving data. The annual costs are low, and often data can be retrieved from any web browser from a secure web site.

Requires coverage at site. Data is retrieved over IP networks to your PC, or via a secure VPN.

Products supported:

  • Campbell Scientific - Use IP Cell-Modem with data plan. Typically access date from Other options such as ftp or hosted LoggerNet server are available.
  • HOBO - RX3000 datalogger with IP SIM. Access data from HOBOLink web page.


Wired or Wi-fi Ethernet Link

These options are good where the datalogger is within range of a wired or wi-fi link. Devices are given their own IP address, and depending on the network may be accessed from a secure website, or within an internal LAN

Products supported:

  • Campbell Scientific - Use NL116, NL121 or NL201 for wired ethernet, or NL241 for Wi-fi
  • HOBO  - RX3000 datalogger with ethernet or wi-fi plan. Access data from HOBOLink web page.


Spread Spectrum Radio

Spread Spectrum radio is a license free radio system suitable for networks of dataloggers. The radios spread the normally narrowband information signal over a relatively wide band of frequencies in the 922MHz range. There are no data retrieval costs as for phone networks. Up to 15km line of sight depending on site and aerial. Low power.

  • Campbell Scientific - Use RF411A, RF451 or RF451 radio as per your requirements. Some models such as the CR3XX-RF412 datalogger includes an integral spread spectrum radio


For remote sites or ocean buoys where other telemetry options are not available. Data is sent via the satellite network to a data centre, where it is distributed to the subscribed user(s). Data charged on volume.

  • Campbell Scientific - Satellite transmitters available for Argos (ST-21) and Inmarsat (Hughes 9502)


Other Options

Less commonly used options include:

  • Landline
  • RS485 cable connection
  • UHF/VHF radio

Please call us for details

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