RF411A 922 MHz Spread Spectrum Radio

The RF411A spread spectrum transceiver has an operating frequency range of 920 to 928 MHz, which is allocated to New Zealand.

The RF411A is a compact, rugged, low-cost unit intended for use in a variety of applications. It replaces, and is compatible with, the RF411 and RF431. It frequency-hops among 25 channels to avoid interference with other devices. The RF411A may be used without an individual license.



  • Rugged, low-cost transceivers
  • 100 mW, 920 to 928 MHz frequency
  • Frequency-hops over 25 channels
  • Does not require an individual license
  • Can be used in the field as a transceiver or in the office as the base station
  • Current drain can be as low as 1 mA
  • Transmits up to one mile with omni-directional antenna; up to ten miles with higher gain directional antennas
  • Settings stored in non-volatile memory
  • Optional extended temperature testing
  • Operating Protocols: Transparent, PB Aware, PB Node


Key Specifications:

Frequency: 920 to 928 MHz
Transmit Power Output: 5 to 250 mW (software-selectable)
Receiver Sensitivity: -109 dBm
Channel Capacity: 7 hop sequences share 25 frequencies.
RF Data Rate: 10 kbps
RF Throughput Data Rate 9.6 kbps
Antenna Connector: Reverse Polarity SMA (RPSMA) jack
Input Connectors: RS232 9 pin D female, CS I/O, USB Type B
Power: 9 to 16 Vdc
Average Current Drain:

Transmit < 80 mA (250 mW TX Power)

Receive 15 mA

Standby < 0.5 mA (depending on power saving mode)


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