ST-21 Argos Satellite Transmitter

The ST-21 is a Service Argos-certified Platform Transmitter Terminal (PTT ) that transfers data from the datalogger site to the Argos Data Collection and Location System via NOAA polar orbiting satellites.


  • Well-suited for remote meteorological and environmental data-collection applications, including mobile and high-latitude installations
  • Compatible with CR6, CR800, CR850, CR1000, and CR3000 dataloggers
  • Provides uplink capability for up to eight unique ID codes, frequencies, and repetition periods
  • Supports up to seven independent Argos data buffers that can be populated in real-time
  • Transmits variable-length Argos messages with either 20- or 28-bit ID codes
  • Allows researchers to forgo a rigorous certification process
  • Includes an autorepeat feature that allows the ST-21 to repeat data without host intervention
  • Provides a fail safe feature that alerts users upon communication link or host failure
  • Allows the ID and repetition rates to be set in real-time or by Campbell Scientific


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