Campbell Scientific Software

Software to support their range of datalogggers.
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LoggerNet Software (Full-featured)

PC Software to access the full range of telemetry, scheduled data collection and real time monitoring. Full programming functions.

PC400 Software (Mid-level)

Software that supports single hop telemetry connections. Full programming functions.

PC200W Starter Software (Free)

Starter software to connect directly to your datalogger and write simple programs

LoggerLink Mobile App

Allows mobile devices to communicate with dataloggers over an IP network

LoggerNet Mobile Connect

LoggerNet Mobile Connect is a simple, yet powerful, tool that allows communication with any station in your LoggerNet network using an iOS or Android device. It gives you access to the LoggerNet server anywhere your mobile device has a data connection.


RTMC Pro is a LoggerNet client used to create and run graphical screens that provide real-time monitor and control capabilities.

LoggerNet Software Development Kits

SDKs for software developers

Campbell Scientific Software Overview

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