RTMC Pro is a LoggerNet client used to create and run graphical screens that provide real-time monitor and control capabilities.

This separately-purchased product is an enhanced version of the RTMC client included with LoggerNet--it contains more graphical components, more design control, and extra button, snapshot, and alarm-log capabilities.


  • RTMC Pro contains more of the graphical components found in RTMC. For example, more alarms, switches, graphs, gauges, and layout components are available.
  • Includes CSI Web Server
  • Includes components to run/open a file, run a CoraScript command (LoggerNet command), or view a Web page. These components are accessed by clicking a mouse.
  • Images of the project can be saved and transferred to a Web server automatically and alarm activity can be logged to a file.
  • Allows emails to be sent and programs to be executed when alarms occur.
  • Provides more settings for components existing in both RTMC and RTMC Pro, which enables more design control.
  • RTMC Run-Time and the CSI Web Server can also run projects created with RTMC Pro's development program.



  • A limited run-time demonstration version of RTMC Pro is available, at no charge, from the Campbell Scientific web site.
  • Applications run on Windows XP/2000/Vista platforms.
  • Purchased separately and must have LoggerNet, LoggerNetAdmin, or RTDAQ running on the PC to use this client.


RunTime Version

RTMCRT is a component of RTMC. One copy of RTMCRT is included with the purchase of LoggerNet or RTDAQ software. It is also sold independently for customers who need copies for remote computers.

RTMCRT is intended for applications in which several remote PCs need to display the same real-time data in the same format. Remote PCs running RTMCRT can view and print RTMC displays created in the RTMC Developer.

As LoggerNet or RTDAQ collects data from the datalogger, the displays in RTMCRT are automatically updated. RTMCRT also allows the user to set input locations and toggle ports/flags if those capabilities were set up in the RTMC form.



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