New ViewPro functions
New ViewPro functions

LoggerNet Software (Full-featured)

PC Software to access the full range of telemetry, scheduled data collection and real time monitoring. Full programming functions.

Comprised of one server application and several support applications



  • Enables many users to simultaneously access data from a datalogger network
  • Supports all telecommunications options
  • Data collection on demand or by schedule
  • Supports all current dataloggers as well as retired dataloggers
  • Network Planner - a new tool that allows development, modeling, and verification of PakBus networks


Datalogger Programming

  • Edlog and CRBasic Editor to create/edit datalogger programs
  • Includes ShortCut


Data Display

  • Real time numeric and graphical data
  • Customised Real Time Monitor & Control (RTMC)  Multi-tab data displays can include digital displays, set-points, alarms, sliders, charts, toggles, switches, and gauges (using RTMC)
  • View Pro - an upgraded View function that gives you more ways to look at your data quickly. Historical data displays in a variety of formats (Line Graph, X-Y Plot, Histogram, Rainflow Histogram, and 2-D and 3-D FFTs)


LoggerNet Admin

LoggerNet Admin is a version of LoggerNet suitable for larger networks.

  • Remote client capabilities to administer the server via TCP/IP
  • LoggerNet user security settings
  • Additional network views and sorting options for monitoring large networks
  • Utilities that facilitate data transfer from LoggerNet via TCP/IP
  • Ability to run the LoggerNet server as a Windows service


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Network Planner

Network Planner



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