New Cellular Dataloggers from Campbell Scientific

The CR300 & CR310 datalogger models are now available with an integrated IP cellular option making it even easier and cheaper to connect to your remote monitoring sites. By integrating a cell modem in the datalogger housing itself, it has easier setup, lower current draw and smaller size than external cellular modems currently used. Users can provide their own SIMs if they have their own company APN, or purchase one of Scottech’s with low cost data plans, and data accessible via the Envirodata Web Display  or FTP.


The CR300 and CR310 with integrated cellular modem save money and space and can be fitted into small enclosures. This makes them an ideal solution for telemetered hydrological networks measuring rainfall, water level or quality.


  • Campbell Scientific accuracy and reliability
  • Accepts a wide range of sensors including voltage, 4-20mA, pulse, RS232 and SDI-12
  • Datalogger controlled output for triggering other devices such as samplers
  • Connect via USB
  • CR310 also includes an ethernet port and removable terminal panel for ease of wiring
  • Do your own configuration using ShortCut program builder  (Watch tutorial here: ) & Device Config, or use our customisation services to configure these for your network


  • Cell Technology: 3G, 2G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)
  • Frequency Bands (MHz): UMTS/HSPA+ (3G): 800, 850, 900, 1900, 2100Work on both Vodafone and Spark networks
  • Antenna Connector: SMA (external antenna required)
  • Low current consumption:  Idle: 10 mA average, Transmitting:  105 mA average

Wi-Fi and Spread Spectrum Radio models also available:

  USB & RS-232 USB, RS-232 & Ethernet
  CR300 CR310
Wi-fi CR300-WIFI CR310-RF412
Radio CR300-RF412 CR310-WIFI
3G/2G CR300-CELL200 CR310-CELL200
4G/3G CR300-CELL205 CR310-CELL205
4G CR300-CELL210 CR310-CELL210

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