Lightning Warning Systems

The CS110 Electric Field Sensor measures the vertical component of the atmospheric electric field at the earth's surface.

These atmospheric electric field measurements are useful for assessing the local lightning hazard and for thunderstorm research.


  • Electric field measurement made with reciprocating shutter instead of the traditional rotating vane field mill
  • Power requirements are low; 9.6 to 16 Vdc; peak-current demand is 750 mA during motor operation
  • Reliability: Ultra-reliable metallic ground connection of stator/rotor (no rotating contact)
  • CR1000 datalogger within the system provides flexibility for additional meteorological measurements, control, and network integration
  • Connectors are provided on the CS110 for attaching wind speed and direction, temperature and relative humidity, solar radiation, and rainfall sensors


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Electric Field Meter Brochure

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