Heat, Vapour, and CO2 Flux

Gas analysers and sonic anemometers. Systems for eddy covariance research.

CPEC200 Closed Path Analysis System

The CPEC200 monitors atmosphere-biosphere exchanges of carbon dioxide, momentum, water vapor, and heat.

CSAT3B 3-D Sonic Anemometer

The CSAT3B is a three-dimensional sonic anemometer and an update and replacement to the original CSAT3.

EasyFlux-DL Datalogger Program

EasyFluxTM-DL ("DL" for datalogger) is a free CRBasic program that enables a CR3000 datalogger to report fully-corrected fluxes of CO2, latent heat (H2O), sensible heat, and momentum from a Campbell Scientific open-path eddy-covariance (EC) system.

EC150 Open Path Gas Analyser

Campbell Scientific's EC150 is an in-situ open path analyser specifically designed for eddy covariance flux measurements.

Krypton Hygrometer

The KH20 is a highly sensitive hygrometer designed for measurement of rapid fluctuations in atmospheric water vapor.

TCAV Averaging Soil Thermocouple Probe

Average soil temperature across 4 x thermocouples. Typically used in heat flux studies.

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