CSAT3B 3-D Sonic Anemometer

The CSAT3B is a three-dimensional sonic anemometer and an update and replacement to the original CSAT3.

It measures wind speed and the speed of sound on three nonorthogonal axes. From these measurements, orthogonal wind speed and sonic temperature can be computed. From the turbulent wind fluctuations, momentum flux and friction velocity can be calculated. The CSAT3B can also be used to measure average horizontal wind speed and direction.

The CSAT3B has an aerodynamic design, operates in a pulsed acoustic mode, withstands exposure to harsh weather conditions, and is well suited for eddy-covariance measurements. Because the electronics are packaged inside the mounting block of the CSAT3B head, installation is easier and the placement of the instrument is flexible.


  • Integrated electronics that provide easy mounting of a single piece of hardware
  • Integrated inclinometer
  • High-precision measurements ideal for turbulence and eddy-covariance studies
  • An improved design with a thin, aerodynamic support strut close to the ends of the sensor arms, creating greater rigidity and improved accuracy of sonic temperature
  • Datalogger sampling supported for any frequency between 1 and 100 Hz
  • New CPI communications for more robust, higher bandwidth measurements
  • Multiple communication options including SDM, CPI, USB, and RS-485
  • Internal temperature and humidity measurements with easily replaced desiccant
  • Version 5 algorithm for calculating data outputs; combines the signal sensitivity of version 3 with the rain performance of version 4
  • Includes options to filter high frequencies for applications requiring analysis of non-aliased spectra


  • Outputs: ux, uy, uz, c
  • Measurement rates: Datalogger triggered 1-100Hz
  • Communications: SDM, CPI, RS-485, USB
  • Voltage Supply: 9.5 to 32 Vdc


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CSAT3B Brochure

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