EasyFlux-DL Datalogger Program

EasyFluxTM-DL ("DL" for datalogger) is a free CRBasic program that enables a CR3000 datalogger to report fully-corrected fluxes of CO2, latent heat (H2O), sensible heat, and momentum from a Campbell Scientific open-path eddy-covariance (EC) system.

Final fluxes are processed from raw time-series (10 Hz) data by applying commonly used corrections found in scientific literature.

In the past, Campbell Scientific's datalogger EC programs roughly estimated fluxes, and PC post-processing software was used to fully correct the flux measurements. Now with the EasyFluxTM-DL program, fully-corrected fluxes are processed by the datalogger and reported at the end of each EC averaging interval.

Benefits and Features

  • Accesses final fluxes quickly without the burden of post-processing unwieldy time-series datasets
  • Produces flux output tables that are smaller than time-series tables, which allows flux data to be frequently collected using cellular, radio, or any other lower-bandwidth telemetry option
  • Can be downloaded free of charge from the Campbell Scientific website
  • Tested and shown to match fluxes provided by PC post-processing software packages (assuming same filtering of raw data and same selection of correction procedures)
  • Saves time-series data on the datalogger's CompactFlash card in case reprocessing is later needed
  • Includes data quality and footprint characteristics
  • Reports uncorrected and intermediate values in an auxiliary output table for more detailed data inspection

Supported Sensors


  • Either EC150 with CSAT3A or IRGASON
  • CR3000 datalogger
  • NL115, Nl116, or CFM100
  • CFMC2G or CFMC16G CompactFlash card


Optional Sensors:*

  • FW05, FW1, or FW3 Fine-Wire Thermocouple
  • HC2S3 or HMP155A Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
  • CNR4, NR01, or NR-LITE2 Radiometer
  • CS300 or LI200X Pyranometer
  • LI190SB Quantum Sensor
  • SI-111 Infrared Radiometer
  • TE525MM Tipping Bucket Rain Gage
  • TCAV Soil Temperature Probe (quantity up to 2)
  • CS616 or CS650 Soil Water Content Probe (quantity up to 2)
  • HFP01 or HFP01SC Soil Heat Flux Plate (quantity up to 4)



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