We can offer a range of products that either interface with exisiting process control systems or operate independently.

Energy Monitoring & HVAC

There are a range of systems you can use to monitor your energy use. Some of these just measure ambient conditions (air temperature and humidity for example) while others will measure actual current, volts or kWatts used.


ModBus measurement and control systems

Campbell Scientific CR800 and CR1000 based systems can be easily configured for Modbus communications. This allows you to utlilse the full functionality of these loggers including

  • interfacing with most third-party sensors, including serial, voltage and pulse sensors
  • secure data storage
  • complex data processing
  • real time measurement and control


Resource consent monitoring

Scott Technical have been installing systems for consent monitoring for many years. These include systems for discharge to air and water and water take, among others. If you give us details of the parameters you are required to monitor, we can design a system that will both allow you to meet your requirements as well as provide valuable environmental data for future management purposes.



We carry a wide range of meteorological, environmental and other sensors that can be directly interfaced into existing systems.


Temperature & humidity measurement

A wide range of temperature and humidity sensors are available, including specialised ones for difficult conditions, such as high temperatures or underwater