Traffic Monitoring

Whether you want to count a 6-lane highway or a bicycle lane, we are to help with either products, services or both.

Driveway Counting Systems

Driveway counting systems provide information for commercial enterprises and small public amenities that were previously only acheived through labour intensive, short term manual counts. Scott Technical can offer a range of systems depending on the nature of your driveway and type of traffic flow.

Systems include:

  • Tube counts - a rubber tube is placed across the road and connected at one end to a totalising counter. The hose is designed to flex and create an air pulse every time a vehicle crosses, with counts accumulated to the counter.
  • Beam counters - a range of beam counters are available which send a (normally) infra red beam across an accessway. Each time the beam is broken by traffic, a count is recorded. These systems can be used for foot traffic and cyclists, as well as cars.
  • Dataloggers - we now have low cost pulse counting dataloggers that can be connected to beam counters to provide a continuous record of counts and the time the count was recorded. These provide an excellent record if you are interested in when traffic occurred, peak flows or for special events.

Systems can be mains or solar powered. Please call us for advice on the best system for your application

Low Volume Road Counts

If you need casual road counts or classifications for planning roading, we are able to assist with:

  • One-off road counting, including equipment, installation, data retrieval and reporting
  • Hireage of Peek ADR classifiers
  • Data reduction and reporting in the format you require
  • Data can be directly uploadable to NZTA's TMS system if required


Traffic Counting Consumables

We carry a range of consumables for traffic counting including:

  • Road Tube
  • Road Tube Grips, Clamps & Straps
  • Road Nails
  • Road Adhesive Tape

Please see our dedicated web site for pricing and ordering details


High Volume Counts & Classification

For complex traffic counting applications, we can offer a customised service that will provide planners with timely and accurate data on traffic movement. Services we offer include:

  • Managing and carrying out traffic data collection from planned count programs
  • Processing data to files directly up loadable to NZTA's TMS system
  • Processing data in a range of formats to the customers specifications, including Daily Classification, 85th Percentiles, Speed & Volume Distribution, HCV Distribution
  • Installation of inductive loops
  • Producing count programs to suit the client's needs
  • Site audits
  • Complete site installation including classifiers, loops, telemetry and power supply


Peek Counters & Classifiers

We are able to provide competitive pricing for the range of counters and classifiers from Peek, suitable for single or multi-lane counts, with tube or loop sensors.


A service of Scottech this website is to allow you, the customer, to purchase traffic counting supplies quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

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