Warehousing & Process Control

Indoor monitoring of temperature, humidity and other variables is essential for the safe storage of a number of products.

Products available include datalogging and handheld systems.

HOBO Temp/RH Dataloggers - These low cost, inconspicuous dataloggers measure temperature & humidity in a range of different models. All use HOBOWare software for easy data download and graphing using a standard USB cable (supplied with software). For sites with multiple loggers, use the HOBO Shuttle to download multiple loggers without carrying a laptop around, or having to remove the loggers to take to a PC.

  • UX100 Family - the newest logger for temp/rh monitoring with display (replaces the model U10)
  • MX1101 - Temp/RH logger with Bluetooth for downloading using mobile App
  • MX1102 - CO2 logger with Bluetooth for downloading using mobile App
  • U12 Family - a multi-channel temp/rh logger with external sensor inputs
  • U14 Family - a temp/rh logger with an LCD display and alarm output
  • ZW Family - wireless multi-channel loggers with external sensor inputs
  • U12 Stainless Temperature - stainless steel logger for measurements up to 125°C
  • HOBOWare Software
  • HOBO U-Shuttle


Vaisala Industrial Humidity & Dew Point Sensors

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