ADR WIM (Weigh-In-Motion)

The technically advanced multi-channel ADR-WIM card can be installed in the ADR-1000/2000/3000, semi-permanent or permanent configurations.

Installing a WIM card enables the ADRs to weigh heavy commercial vehicles at high speeds while retaining the full functionality and ease of use of the ADR-1000/2000/3000 series of counters / classifiers.

Using one or two simply installed subsurface piezoelectric weighing sensors(with optional secondary sensors), the following types of data can be accurately collected:

  • arrival time
  • vehicle speed and classification
  • gross vehicle weight
  • road surface temperature
  • volumetric flow,
  • individual axle weights and spacings
  • overload indications
  • Equivalent Single Axle Loadings (ESALs)
  • gap and headway
  • per vehicle records

When short-term data is required, temporary stick-down sensors may be installed for cost-effective surveys.

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