AxleLight laser sensor

The AxleLight laser sensor is an infrared sensor suitable for monitoring difficult sites.

It is an infrared axle sensor for use with the feature rich line of existing ADR Plus traffic recorders. The AxleLight sensor allows users to perform challenging traffic studies without venturing into or crossing a hazardous roadway to install road tubes or reflectors. Its noninvasive operation reduces installation time and eliminates the need to expose field personnel to unsafe work conditions.

The AxleLight sensor is mounted close to the ground for easy access rather than high on a pole like radar or video detection products. Using the AxleLight sensor with an ADR1000 Plus, field personnel can configure the laser to detect axles in 1 to 4 lanes. By using two AxleLight sensors, users can perform volume counts in 8 lanes. Two AxleLight sensors with parallel beams 6 ft apart can perform complex vehicle classification studies in up to 4 lanes, all without needing a laptop or PDA, and without anyone having to cross the roadway. All data types are available including one or more combinations of per-vehicle records, per-lane data, binned vehicle classification by axle, speed, wheelbase length, gap or headway.

Vehicles may be classified according to the FHWA Scheme "F" or a user-defined custom classification scheme. With the increasing cost of accessories, fuel, wages, repeat studies and lane closures, the AxleLight sensor is more cost effective to use than the commonly used road tube for portable traffic data collection. Increasing traffic volumes make it more important than ever for employers to keep their field staff out of harms way. The AxleLight sensor keeps your people out of the road (it doesn't even require a reflector) and at the same time reduces the cost per study.

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