Traffic Total Counter

The Traffic Total Counter has been designed to be small, unobtrusive, reliable and to withstand the rigours of the roadside environment.
Pulses from a road tube are detected by the solid state air sensor, output to a divide by 2 circuit which updates the permanently on, LCD display by 1 count for each 2 pulses. The 8 digit LCD counter is reset simply by placing a magnet against the black square on the face of the counter. Reliable, small and low cost


  • Rugged weatherproof grey coated aluminium case
  • Battery expected to last 5 years before replacement
  • Built in LCD display with magnetic reset
  • Counts up to 50 vehicles per second with display to 99,999,999


  • Open Road and Urban Traffic Counts
  • Garage Forecourts
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Shopping Malls
  • Shows
  • Car Parks

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Traffic Total Counter Brochure

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