Campbell Scientific ASPTC-L Aspirated Thermocouple

The ASPTC is a type E thermocouple housed in a white, elongated radiation shield.

The radiation shield reduces solar loading on the thermocouple by drawing air across the measurement junction with a fan. The radiation shield also protects the thermocouple, increasing its durability. Typically, one ASPTC is mounted to each sensor arm in a Bowen ratio system. One ASPTC can either replace, or be measured in addition to, TCBR thermocouples. In a standard configuration, lead lengths of 15 feet are recommended for both signal and power cables.



  • Uses fine wire thermocouple for highly accurate air temperature measurements
  • Includes aspirated radiation shield
  • Solar loading on thermocouple reduced by drawing air across the measurement junction with a high-powered fan
  • Intake velocity is 5.5 m/sec
  • Fan requires 12 Vdc power supply
  • Fan average active current drain is 142 mA
  • Length: 53.3 cm
  • Large diameter: 5.8 cm
  • Small diameter: 4.6 cm


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