Campbell Scientific Fine Wire Thermocouples - FW3, FW1, FW05

Typically used to measure atmospheric temperature gradients or fluctuations.

The small mass of the thermocouple is less susceptible to solar loading; therefore, a radiation shield is not required. One differential analog input per sensor is required.


  • FW3 is 0.003" in diameter, FW1 is 0.001", FW05 is 0.0005"
  • Extremely small diameters virtually eliminate solar loading
  • Type E thermocouples - typical output is 60 µV/°C
  • Typically used to measure atmospheric temperature flux with research-grade accuracy
  • Shipping/transport requires TCBR/ENC (capacity=4)
  • Weight: 45 g
  • Length: 36.8 cm


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FW 3, FW1 & FW05 Brochure

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