Accelerometers & Seismometers


Accelerometers are used for recording large amplitude vibrations that are common within a few tens of kilometers of large earthquakes - these could be also called strong-motion seismometers.

These instruments were designed to record the high accelerations that are particularly important for designing buildings and other structures.

All GeoSIG accelerometers are available for measurement in 1, 2 or 3 axes. Downhole versions are also available.

Features of the AC-7x Force Balance Accelerometer:

  • True Electro-mechanical Force Balance Accelerometer 
  • Digital AC-73D version available
  • Dynamic Range: 165 dB
  • User selectable Full Scale range: ± 0.5, 1, 2, 3 or 4 g
  • Bandwidth from DC to 200 Hz
  • Full scale output: 0 ±10 V differential (20 Vpp)
  • Exemplary Offset stability
  • Temperature and drift compensation
  • Robust suspension system
  • Single Bolt Mounted Enclosure withup to ± 10° of Leveling Adjustment
  • Integrated Bubble Level
  • Enclosure: IP65, Cast aluminium


Features of the VE-5X Seismometer:

The VE-5x is a triaxial short period seismometer designed for seismic monitoring applications. It is based on a state of the art geophone mass-spring system with electronic feedback. It is ideally suited for installation in vaults with low to moderate noise. In addition due to the innovative design of the unit no mass locking is required. The broaderband version, VE-53-BB, is suitable for applications involving an extended frequency range.Sensitivity 1000 V/m/s differential

  • Bandwidth 1.1 s (0.9 Hz) to 89 Hz; 8.0 s (0.125 Hz) to 160 Hz (BB version)
  • Dynamic Range > 125 dB (0.9 - 15 Hz); > 120 dB (0.9 - 30 Hz)
  • Robust mechanical design
  • Excellent temperature and aging stability
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy testing, low maintenance
  • Downhole version (VE-5x-DH) is also available



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Downhole accelerometer

Downhole accelerometer