Vibrating Wire Piezometers


Geokon's vibrating wire transducers can be used for a wide range of applications including ground water levels, pore water pressure, pump testing, uplift pressures in dam foundations and pressures behind tunnel linings.

Features of all models:

  • Vibrating wire technology has long-term stability and reliability
  • Cable lengths up to several kilometers are possible
  • Integral thermistor measures temperature at the piezometer location
  • All stainless steel or titanium construction
  • High quality sintered filters


Wide range of models:

Model 4500S - a standard piezometer suitable for measuring pore pressures and ground water levels. Vented and unvented models available. Selectable ranges up to 3MPa.

Model 4500SH - for high pressure applications up to 20MPa

Model 4500AL - for low pressure ranges up to 170kPa

Model 4500B & 4500C - for small diameter standpipes. The 4500B fits 19mm pipe and the 4500C fits 12mm pipe

Model 4500HD - heavy duty piezometer with armoured cable recommended for applications where earth movement is likely such as earth dams

Model 4500Ti - titanium encased piezometer for use in corrosive environments such as landfills or mine tailings

Model 4500HT - high temperature piezometer will withstand temperatures up to 230 deg C


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Geokon Piezometers

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