GMS-18 Recorder
GMS-18 Recorder

Recorders & Digitisers

The GMS Recorder / Digitiser is the instrument of choice for strong motion installations.

Designed in close coordination with the USGS for it's NetQuakes system It is highly configurable and incorporates a number of features to make collection and transmission of relevant data as efficient as possible.

The GMS recorder processes data from sensor inputs in real time, and if triggered by an event, will calculate Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA), Peak Ground Velocity (PGV), Peak Ground Displacement (PGD) and Response Spectrum (RSA) at various frequencies of the event

• Small, secure and robust cast aluminium housing
• 3 or 6 channel, with several internal sensor options
• Clear LED indicators, removable flash card and separate battery compartment provides for simple maintenance by non-technical people
• Independent sampling rates for each channel
• Linux based operating system
• Several independent triggers can be configured
• Up to 32 GB storage with removable Compact Flash card
• 18 or 24 bit
• Internal alarm relays module available
• Supports a range of communications options including ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, landline modem, satellite or radio
• Range of options for time synchronisation between multiple recorders (NTP, GPS, dedicated wireless channel)

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GMS Connection Options

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GMS-18 Product Brochure

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