Concrete Embedment Strain Gauges
Concrete Embedment Strain Gauges

Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges


Geokon's vibrating wire strain gauges are designed for monitoring long term strains in steel or concrete structures. They are being used increasingly by both researchers and risk managers to quantify the long-term performance of critical structures.

Features of all models:

  • Vibrating wire technology has long-term stability and reliability
  • Cable lengths up to several kilometers are possible
  • Integral thermistor measures temperature at the strain gauge location


Wide range of models:

Model 4000 - Arc Weldable Strain Gauge, designed primarily for steel structures such as tunnel linings, excavation bracing, piles and bridges. 150 mm gauge length (longer or shorter versions are also available), 3000 µε range and a 1 µε sensitivity.

Model 4100 & 4150 - Spot Weldable Strain Gauge, designed to measure strains in steel structures (4100) and on reinforcement bars (4150) where space may be limited. The gauge is installed quickly and easily by means of a capacitive discharge spot welder or, for short-term use, with special epoxy adhesives.

Model 4200 - Concrete Embedment Strain Gauges, designed for direct embedment in concrete. The 4200 (standard model) has a 153 mm gauge length and 1 με sensitivity and is commonly used for strain measurements in foundations, piles, bridges, dams, tunnel linings. The 4210 has a 250 mm gauge length making it particularly suitable for use in large aggregate concrete. There is also a high temperature model for use in environments where they may be exposed in temperatures up to 200 deg C.

Model 4911 - Rebar Strain Gauges for use in concreter piles or foundations. The standard Model 4911 (#4 rebar), known as the "Sister Bar", is installed alongside structural rebar. Larger models (4911A) are available for welding directly into structural rebar.


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Geokon Arc Weldable Strain Gauge

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Geokon Concrete Embedment Strain Gauge

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Arc Weldable Strain Gauge

Arc Weldable Strain Gauge

Rebar Strain Gauges

Rebar Strain Gauges

Spot Weldable Strain Gauges

Spot Weldable Strain Gauges

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