HOBO 4-Channel Outdoor Data Logger

The HOBO U12 Outdoor/Industrial Logger provides 4 channels of input from a wide range of external sensors, including temperature, AC current, AC voltage, CO2, 4-20mA, and DC voltage cables.

The rugged enclosure is designed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial applications.


  • Weatherproof enclosure for monitoring in condensing environments
  • 4 channels of external input allow monitoring of multiple measurements up to 50 feet from logger
  • Accepts Temperature, AC current, AC voltage, CO2 or third-party sensors via 0-2.5 VDC or 4-20 mA cables. 


Sensors for the U12

Parameter Part(s) Detail
Direct Connect 
4-20mA CABLE-4-20MA

Resolution 0.03% of full scale

Accuracy: ±0.02 mA ±2.5% of absolute current

AC Current CTV-A  2 - 20 A
CTV-B  5 - 50 A
CTV-C  10 - 100 A
CTV-D  20 - 200 A
CTV-E  60 - 600 A

Split core with pivot leg

Accuracy ±4.5% of full scale

Voltage rating: 600 VAC

DC Volts CABLE-2.5-STEREO 0-2.5 Vdc
CABLE-ADAP10 0-10 Vdc
CABLE-ADAP24 0-24 Vdc

Resolution 0.03% of full scale

Accuracy: ±2 mV ±2.5% of absolute reading

TMC1-HD, TMC6-HD, TMC20-HD, TMC50-HD Standard, cables1' - 50'

TMC6-HC Food grade

TMC6-HE Fast response surface mounting

Range: -40° to 50°C in water; -40° to 100°C in air

Accuracy: ±0.25°C from 0° to 50°C

Resolution: 0.03° at 20°C

Use Interface cable (as above) and/or external power
Air Velocity T-DCI-F900-L-O 0.15 - 5 m/s (30 - 985 fpm)
T-DCI-F900-L-P 0.15 - 5 m/s (30 - 985 fpm)
T-DCI-F900-S-O 0.15 - 10 m/s (30 - 1969 fpm)
T-DCI-F900-S-P 0.15 - 10 m/s (30 - 1969 fpm)

Requires AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-ADAP5


Carbon Dioxide
TEL-7001 Requires CABLE-CO2
Compressed Air Flow T-CDI-5200-10S 1 - 80 SCFM
T-CDI-5400-20S 3 - 350 SCFM

Requires CABLE-4-20MA

DC Current

Requires AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-4-20MA or CABLE-ADAP5

Differential Air Pressure T-VER- PXU-L

Requires AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-ADAP5

Gauge Pressure
T-ASH-G2-100 psig
T-ASH-G2-200 psig
T-ASH-G2-500 psig

Requires AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-ADAP5



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U12 External Sensor Brochure

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U12 industrial manual

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