Cambell Scientific Radar Level Sensors

The CS475A and CS477 radar-ranging sensors monitor the water level of rivers, lakes, tidal seas, and reservoirs.

The sensor is ideal for areas where submersed sensors can be damaged due to corrosion, contamination, flood-related debris, lightning, or vandalism. It emits short microwave pulses and then measures the elapsed time between the emission and return of the pulses. The elapsed time measurement is used to calculate the distance between the sensor and the target (for example, water, grain, slurry). The distance value can then be used to determine depth of the medium.

The CS475A & CS477 output a digital SDI-12 signal to indicate distance and stage. This output is acceptable for recording devices with SDI-12 capability, including Campbell Scientific dataloggers.



  • High Accuracy
  • SDI-12 version 1.4 functionality
  • Makes 1 Hz measurements
  • Easy to set up and configure over USB or SDI-12
  • No moving parts; significantly reduced maintenance cost and time
  • Low power mode available
  • Rugged enough for harsh environments-IP68 rating
  • Optional display available


Key Specifications:


  • Measurement Range: 0.5 to 35 m
  • Accuracy ±2 mm
  • Resolution 1 mm
  • Radar Frequency K band (~26 GHz)
  • Beam Angle 10°
  • Pulse Energy 1 mW (maximum)
  • Input Voltage 9.6 to 32 Vdc
  • Housing Height 129 mm; Horn Width 115 mm; Horn Height 122 mm 



  • Measurement Range: 40 mm to 70 m
  • Accuracy ±15 mm
  • Resolution 1 mm
  • Radar Frequency K band (~26 GHz)
  • Beam Angle 8°
  • Pulse Energy 1 mW (maximum)
  • Input Voltage 9.6 to 16 Vdc
  • Horn Length 43 cm; Horn Width 13 cm; Total Length 58.5cm

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