SE 200 Shaft Encoder

The float operated SE 200 is designed for continuous water level measurement.

A float-float cable-counterweight system translates the water level change to the float pulley. The rotation caused by this is converted into an electronical signal. A measured value is being calculated via internal processing and is available via the interfaces SDI-12 and 4...20 mA. The measuring principle guarantees an especially high accuracy and resolution. The proven drift-free float principle with variable output signal can be used for the connection to external data loggers or SPS systems. The SE 200 can be programmed via serial SDI-12 interface: measuring range, output range 4-20 mA, output format, circumference of float pulley can thus be adjusted optimally to the measuring task.



  • 4-20 mA signal or serial data interface SDI-12 available
  • Improved resolution by allocation of 4..20 mA signal to the actually required measuring range possible
  • Simple system integration with standard signal 4...20 mA
  • Variable: can be supplied with float cable or beaded cable


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SE200 Brochure

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