CR1000X Datalogger

Versatile datalogger for most environmental or industrial datalogging. Fully sealed module with detachable wiring panel. The CR1000X has an extended memory and directly connects to a computer's USB port or to an ethernet port.

The CR1000X is a low-powered device designed to measure sensors, drive direct communication and telecommunications, analyse data, control external devices, and store data and programs in on-board, non-volatile storage. The electronics are RF-shielded and glitch-protected by a unique sealed, stainless-steel canister. A battery-backed clock assures accurate timekeeping. The on-board, BASIC-like programming language—common to all Campbell Scientific dataloggerssupports data processing and analysis routines.

The CR1000X wiring panel includes two switchable 12 V terminals, analog grounds dispersed among 16 analog terminals, and unpluggable terminal blocks for quick deployment.

Benefits & Features

  • Operational in extreme environments with a standard operating range of -40° to +70°C and an extended operating range of -55° to +85°C
  • Connects directly to a computer's USB port
  • Captures quickly changing data values with fast analog measurement capabilities (300+ Hz)
  • Differentiates even slight changes in data values with higher resolutions measurements (24 bit Adc)
  • Includes two non-isolated current input channels for directly connecting sensors with 0-to-20 mA or 4-to-20 mA current outputs
  • Contains an onboard CPI port for hosting Campbell high-speed sensors and distributed modules (CDM)
  • Directly connects to Ethernet
  • Includes microSD card drive for extended memory requirements
  • Provides simple serial sensor integration and measurement with SDI-12, RS-232, and/or RS-485
  • Supports full PakBus networking
  • Includes embedded web page for direct connection via web browser


  • Analog inputs: 16 single-ended or 8 differential (individually configured)
  • Pulse counters: 10 (P1 to P2 and C1 to C8)
  • Switched voltage excitations: 4
  • Communications/Data Storage Ports:1 Ethernet,1 USB,1 CS I/O,1 RS-232/CPI
  • Control/digital ports: 8
  • Scan rate: 300+ Hz
  • Analog volt. resolution: to 0.02 µV
  • A/D bits: 24
  • Programming: CRBasic
  • Memory: Battery-backed SRAM for CPU Usage & Final Storage -  4 MB,  Data Storage -  4 MB SRAM + 72 MB flash
    Storage expansion of up to 8 GB with removable microSD flash memory card.

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CR1000X Specification Sheet

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