SDM-IO16 16 Channel Input/Output Expansion Module

The SDM-IO16 expands the digital input and/or output capability of Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

It offers similar functionality to the control ports of the datalogger. When configured as an input, each port can monitor logic state, count pulses, measure signal frequency, and determine duty cycle. The SDM-IO16 can also be programmed to send an interrupt signal to the datalogger when one or more input signals change state.


  • Provides 16 digital I/O ports
  • Input configuration options: Monitor logic state, count pulses, measure signal frequency, and determine duty cycle
  • Output configuration options: Port set to 0 or 5 V by datalogger or source current up to 100 mA
  • When driving loads, external power supply recommended
  • Complies with EN61326:1997



  • Operating voltage: 9 to 18 Vdc
  • Current drain: 600 microamps typical standby (all ports high, no load, excludes pulse counting)
  • 3 microamps maximum (active will all 16 port counting pulses at 2 kHz and no output load)


  • Voltage (no load): ON/HI - nominal 5 V, minimum 4.5 V; OFF/LO - nominal 0 V, maximum 0.1 V
  • Source current: output will source 42 mA@ 3 V; 133 mA short-circuited to ground


  • Voltage: High - 4.0 v minimum threshold, Low - 1.0 V maximum threshold


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