AM16/32B 16 or 32 Channel Relay Multiplexer

The AM16/32B switching multiplexer allows Campbell dataloggers to measure more sensors. The number of analog inputs is increased by sequentially multiplexing sensor leads into "common" leads.

The individual common leads are connected to datalogger analog inputs, excitation channels, or ground as required by the sensor. The datalogger controls the multiplexer using two control ports or one control port and one excitation channel. Compatible dataloggers include the CR1000(X), CR300-series, CR800-series, CR6, CR3000, CR5000, and many of the retired Edlog datalogger (please enquire).



  • Multiplexes up to 32 single-ended or differential two-wire sensors at a time
  • Alternately, multiplexes up to 16 single-ended or differential four-wire sensors at a time
  • Supports thermistors, potentiometers, load cells, strain gages, vibrating wire sensors, soil moisture sensors, etc.
  • Conforms to EN55022-1:1995 and EN50082-1:1992
  • MUXPOWER-L and MUXSIGNAL-L cables available to interface with datalogger



  • Power: 9.6 to 16 Vdc (under load)
  • Current drain: <210 microamps quiescent; 6 mA active (typical)
  • Maximum actuation time for relay: 20 ms
  • Maximum switching current: 500 mA. Switching currents greater than 30 mA (occasional 50 mA acceptable) degrade the suitability of that channel for switching low-voltage signals.


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