SDM-CVO4 4 Channel Current/Voltage Output Module

The SDM-CVO4 is a synchronously addressed datalogger peripheral that outputs variable voltage or current signals under datalogger program control.

Each output can be set to 0-10 Vdc or 0-20 mA by the datalogger program (current outputs can also be scaled and limited to 4-20 mA). Typical applications include driving remote 'current-loop' display units, re-transmitting measured values to industrial control systems that have current or high voltage inputs, sending control signals to valve controllers and providing excitation voltages or currents to external sensors.



  • Expands datalogger analog output capability
  • Provides four independent current or voltage outputs
  • Supports a voltage output range of 0 to 10000 mV with a resolution of 2.5 mV
  • Supports a current output range of 0 to 20000 uA with a resolution of 5 uA
  • Generates a 0-20 mA current source using its own power supply
  • Conforms to EN55022-1:1998 and EN50082-1:1998



Voltage mode

  • Range: 0 to 10,000 mV
  • Resolution: 2.5 mV
  • Accuracy (+23°C): ±0.02% of set voltage + (±2.5 mV)
  • Accuracy (-25° to +50°C): ±0.13% of set voltage + (±2.5 mV)

Current mode:

  • Range: 0 to 20,000 microamps
  • Resolution: 5 microamps
  • Accuracy (+23°C): ±0.02% of set current + (±5 microamps)
  • Accuracy (-25° to +50°C): ±0.1% of set current + (±5 microamps)


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