CRVW3 Vibrating Wire Datalogger

The CRVW3 is a self-contained, low-cost, 3-channel VSPECTTM vibrating-wire datalogger.

It is designed to be an independent datalogger, or a reliable component in a larger data acquisition system. Arriving field-ready from the factory with power, communications, and an enclosure, the CRVW3 is built for your monitoring needs.

Benefits and Features

  • Complete data acquisition system in a single product
  • 3-channel vibrating-wire datalogger (vibrating wire and thermistor)
  • Wireless routing communications with integrated radio options
  • Charge regulator for easy solar-panel connection
  • Configurable channels (no programming)
  • Options with or without enclosure & battery
  • Option with integral icense-free radios


The CRVW3 uses vibrating-wire spectral-analysis technology (VSPECTTM) to provide the best measurement possible for vibrating-wire sensors. VSPECTTM observes the incoming sensor signal, performs a Fourier transform and a spectral analysis, and determines the sensors' frequency by identifying the strongest signal in the acceptable range, disregarding external noise.

The CRVW3 provides the following data: the resonant sensor frequency, thermistor resistance for temperature calculation, and diagnostic values to help determine the validity of the frequency measurement.


Sensor compatibility

The CRVW3 Vibrating-Wire Datalogger is capable of measuring the most common vibrating-wire sensors including, but not limited to, strain gages, piezometers, pressure transducers, tiltmeters, crackmeters, and load cells. The CRVW3 has three sensor inputs; each sensor input includes a vibrating-wire sensor connection and a thermistor connection. The channels are easily configured for traditional sensors. Individual channels can be adjusted to read only the vibrating-wire sensor, or they may be turned off completely.


Models available

  • CRVW3-NA is built into a weatherproof enclosure
  • CRVW3-RF412 has an integral 0.25W spread spectrum radio and is built into a weatherproof enclosure
  • CRVW3-RF451 has an integral 1W spread spectrum radio and is built into a weatherproof enclosure
  • CRVW3-NE-NA nas no enclosure or radio
  • CRVW3-NE-RF412 has an integral 0.25W spread spectrum radio but no enclosure
  • CRVW3-NE-RF451 has an integral 1W spread spectrum radio but no enclosure




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