CS120A Visibility Sensor

The CS120A uses tried-and-tested, infrared forward-scatter technology, and it uses the proven 42° scatter angle to report meteorological observable range (MOR) for fog and snow in the range of 5 to 75,000 m.

It combines a high specification with a very competitive price. The CS120A is ideal for stand-alone applications or in combination with automatic weather stations in road, aviation, solar-energy, and wind-energy environments.

Benefits and Features

  • High performance sensor at a competitive price
  • Sensor design minimizes airflow disruption at measurement volume
  • Incorporates automatic dew and hood heaters for all-weather operation
  • Simple field calibration using optional calibration kit
  • Low power-suitable for remote application
  • Automatic status check for faults or window contamination


Key Specifications

  • Maximum Reported Visibility: 75 km
  • Minimum Reported Visibility: 5 m
  • Accuracy:±8% at < 600 m;±10% at 600 to 10,000 m;±15% at 10,000 to 15,000 m;±20% at 15,000 to 75,000 m
  • Resolution 1 m
  • Total Unit Power < 3 W while sampling continuously (including dew heaters)
  • Optical/Pulse:LED Center Wavelength 850 nm;LED Spectral Bandwidth ±35 nm;Light Pulse Rate 1 kHz





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